Pumpkin Freebie

How to Find the Perfect Pumpkin!

Pumpkins coming October 1, 2016

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Pumpkin Freebie! Pumpkins coming October 6, 2018

Come to the Ranch and find the Giant Pumpkin, then mention the name of our Giant Pumpkin to our cashier for a free Jack-B-Little mini pumpkin (maximum 2 per family) with your pumpkin purchase (we’ll even show you where to look!).

On your way to spot the pumpkin’s name, we want to remind you that Nancy’s Christmas Tree sale begins the Friday after Thanksgiving.


Nancy has a steady supply of beautiful fresh cut firs of all types from the Pacific Northwest, guaranteed to stay fresh through Christmas.

Now that we’ve sufficiently plugged the tree sale, come to the Ranch and look to find that giant pumpkin’s name!


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October 3, 2015